K-pop fans in Singapore can only dream about working in the Korean pop industry, but one dancer had the opportunity to represent Singapore by choreographing for Big Hit Entertainment’s newest K-pop boy group TXT.

The team, which made their debut yesterday (March 4), are labelmates with K-pop juggernaut BTS. Boasting an international lineup, it is obvious that TXT are aiming for global domination alongside BTS.

What better way to start by reaching out to Singaporean dance instructor Alif Archo, who teaches at Danz People studio.

In an Instagram post, Alif shared a video of TXT’s debut stage for the song Blue Orangeaid, revealing that he is the mastermind behind its energetic choreography.

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Alhamdullilah 🙏Had this crazy amazing opportunity to choreograph this awesome number "Blue Orangeade" for Big Hit Entertainment newest male Kpop group @txt_bighit Tomorrow X Together(TXT) SG Pride on a 💯 for sure 🇸🇬 The boys killed it 🔥TXT's new album "The Dream Chapter:Star" is out now.Do check out all the other songs! 🙌🏼 • Big Thank You🙏 to @bighit_ent @subinnn_kim for this opportunity! Hope to work closely together in the near future.👍🏻😌 • #alifaircho #alifairchochoreo #bighitentertainment #bighit #txtbighit #txt #blueorangeade #thedreamchapterstar #sgpride #tomorrowxtogether #tomorrowxtogetherbighit #kpop #kpopdance #투모로우바이투게더 #휴닝카이 #범규 #수빈 #태혐 #연준

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He shared with AsiaOne that the entertainment company contacted him first and they had been working on it since November.

Fans of the group were particularly surprised, since it is a first for Big Hit Entertainment to work with a Singaporean choreographer.

While there are no concrete plans yet, Alif has expressed that he hopes to work further with the company.

Image: Alif’s Instagram
Text: Kimberly Foo / AsiaOne / March 2019

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