A video of Chinese singer Luhan yelling at a taxi driver recently made its rounds on the internet. In the short clip, the former EXO member was seen approaching a van and telling the driver to leave.

The driver had been hired by fans to stalk the singer. Fan accounts stated that the driver was driving recklessly and had been tailgating Luhan’s car, prompting the singer to stop his car and approach the van.

Luhan told the driver to stop following him because it was dangerous for the fans in the van, but the driver stubbornly said, “I’m putting my car at the side. I’m not leaving.”

This prompted Luhan to yell at him to leave and the two got into a shouting match before the singer’s minders pulled him away.

The altercation was caught on video by a fan in the van and was uploaded on social media.

A few days ago, another video was also uploaded on YouTube. It’s unclear if the video was from the same incident, but in the audio recording, Luhan was heard scolding the driver for driving recklessly and dangerously reversing his van when the fans were inside.

It’s not uncommon for K-pop stars to be chased by “sasaengs” or overzealous fans. Those fans would hire a taxi or van to follow their idols all day, and the drivers would drive recklessly to get closer to the idols’ cars. Numerous celebrities, including EXO and Super Junior, have called out to such drivers to stop taking advantage of fans and putting everyone in danger.

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In 2011, two members of Super Junior were involved in a seven-car accident because fans were following them in vans.

After the accident, Heechul tweeted fans to go to watch their concert instead to see them instead of following them around in vans. “I prefer old memories to not come back,” he wrote, referring to his 2006 accident that left him bed-ridden for months.

Likewise, Leeteuk also bade fans to not follow them and wrote, “I almost died.”

Image: Luhan’s Instagram