Yeap, the netizens did it again. They’ve tracked down another Becky With The Good Hair. Erh, good job everyone? 

This time round, it all started when a Hong Kong tabloid honed in on actress/singer Myolie Wu, and accused her husband Philip Lee of infidelity. According to the report, he secretly travelled to Taiwan with an attractive female friend. The report even claimed that Myolie had paid the pair a ‘secret visit’ and implied that Philip was cheating.

Philip Lee later hit back at the report and clarified that it had been a group trip with several other friends. He also said that the female friend (picture below) in question is already married and good friends with Myolie.

Despite his response, netizens went on to do some detective work to track down the woman online, in hopes of finding out more about her. According to Viral Cham, which also compiled multiple photos of her on its website, the woman is apparently known as ‘Joy’ and said to be from a rich background.

What do you think? Is it all just a storm in a teacup? Or does he ‘protest too much’?



Text & Images: Lollipop