When news about the Song-Song couple’s divorce broke, many were surprised. But it seems some people were even more surprised when a Korean news outlet reported how much their combined assets are worth: 100 billion won ($130 million).

This includes a $8.9 million house in Itaewon-dong, Seoul, that the 33-year-old actor bought in 2017.

It was once thought that the two-storey residence would become the couple’s marital home, but they did not move in after their wedding.

Meanwhile, the 37-year-old actress has more properties under her name. She’s reported to own two luxury homes and an apartment in Gangnam, Seoul.

As two of the top earners in the industry, some fans even likened the actors’ union to a merger between enterprises.

Love blossomed between the pair while they played an on-screen couple in hit drama Descendants of the Sun in 2016.

The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony at a five-star hotel in Seoul in October the following year.

Text: Lam Min Lee / AsiaOne / June 2019

LOVE IS DEAD. Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki have announced their separation and are taking legal steps to make it official.

The power couple tied the knot two years ago in a private but lavish ceremony. Their love had blossomed after they acted together in hit drama Descendants of the Sun. Although rumours were rife that the two were dating, they continued to deny the allegations until July 2017, when they announced that they would be getting married.

Rumours of their marriage being on the rocks have been rife since last year, but the couple continued to deny the allegations. Earlier this year, Hye Kyo was spotted without her wedding ring, further fueling divorce rumours.

Today, Joong Ki’s lawyer Park Jae Hyun announced that his law firm had filed for a court mediation for the actor at the Seoul Family Court yesterday (Wednesday).

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Joong Ki released a statement through his agency, Blossom Entertainment.

Hello. This is Song Joongki.

I’m sorry to announce that I have bad news for the many people who love me and have cared for me.

I have proceeded with court mediation procedure for my divorce from Ms Song Hye Kyo.

Rather than trying to criticising and blaming each other, we both hope that the divorce proceedings can be wrapped up smoothly.

As it is a private matter, I won’t be able to tell you everything, and I seek your understanding on that. In future, I will do my best in my work and return with a good project.

Thank you.

Song Hye Kyo’s agency, UAA, has also responded with a statement.

Hello. This is Song Hye Kyo’s agency, UAA.

Firstly, I’m sorry to greet you with bad news.

Our actress, Song Hye Kyo, is currently undergoing the process of divorce with her husband after careful consideration.

Due to differences in personality, the two parties are unable to overcome their differences and inevitably had to come to this decision.

We are not able to confirm specific details as it concerns the private lives of both actors.

In addition, please refrain from speculative coverage and comments about them.

We apologise for the inconvenience and will greet you with a better image in future.

Thank you.

According to this website, there are three ways for couples to divorce under the Korean law: by agreement, by mediation and by trial.

Divorce by mediation applies to couples who have already come to an agreement to part ways but don’t want to wait through the long proceedings. It also applies to couples who only disagree on a few terms, or who have already come to an agreement but don’t want the hassle of preparing the documents and visiting the court.

In this case, once the couple has reached a settlement, the court will issue a divorce decree and the party who filed the application can enforce terms of the agreement without having to sue or take legal action against the other party in case they don’t comply to the terms.

Image: TPG/Click Photos
Text: Hidayah Idris