While Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain and most Singaporeans love durians, Song Joongki and Lee Kwangsoo belong to the other group who don’t quite enjoy the taste of the King of Fruit.

We’re attributing their dislike to unfamiliarity, but that doesn’t mean they could get away with eating it.

During Song Joongki’s fan meeting in Hong Kong, there was a segment where he and Kwangsoo had to each choose a box containing a food they had to try. Unfortunately for Captain Yoo, he picked a box with durians in it.

The actor looked like he was going to barf from the moment he smelled the yellow fleshed fruit, and upon the first bite, he promptly spat it back into the box.

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However, he still had to go through with the challenge and managed to finish a chunk of the flesh, but not without looking sick and washing it down with a bottle of water.

He decided to share his misery with good friend Kwangsoo by feeding him the fruit. Kwangsoo’s reaction? Not that different from Joongki’s, if you asked us.

Watch the full video below.

Image: TPG/Click Photos