It seems Song Joong Ki wasn’t joking when he said he and Song Hye Kyo decided to start a new life together at the start of 2017. He reportedly bought a house in Itaewon in January, which we assume where the Song-Song couple will live in after they get married in October.

Although Gangnam is home to the most expensive apartments in Seoul, Itaewon is considered one of the upscale areas too – according to Yonhap News, seven out of 10 of Seoul’s most expensive houses are located in Itaewon.

So it’s not surprising that Joong Ki had to fork out 10 billion won (approximately $12 million) for his new house. According to news outlets, the house is 371 square metres, with two stories and a basement. His new home will occupy a total area of 602 square metres.

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But what’s interesting is that the Descendants of the Sun stars will be neighbours with another power couple – Kim Tae Hee and Rain.

The married couple bought a house in the same neighbourhood for 5 billion won (approximately $6 million).

According to reports, Hye Kyo and Tae Hee are good friends, and often hang out with actress Choi Ji Woo. And in case you forgot, Hye Kyo and Rain were fellow actors in hit drama Full House.

So we won’t be surprised if the two couples end up having dinner parties at each other’s houses. Now, that’ll be one dinner we want to be a part of!

Images: TPG/Click Photos