Hong Kong singer Steven Cheung, part of pop duo Boyz, announced his relationship with model Au Man-man in August. But the revelation wasn’t met with congratulatory messages: it was revealed that he had been cheating on his then-girlfriend, April Leung.

The scandal heated up further when four additional women told media that Steven had dated them.

Steven and Man-man announced their relationship as their baby celebrated their 100-day birthday.

Man-man, who was revealed to be his fan, said she looked glum in her wedding photographs with Steven because she had received threats to her and their baby.

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Man-man now has more worries on her mind, with her husband struggling to bring home the bacon.

With his musical career on hold, he now has to take on a variety of odd jobs in a hotel, including preparing sashimi and roast beef for a buffet spread.

Confirming his current employment, he told the on.cc portal that there was nothing to be ashamed of, since he is not shying away from the responsibility of raising a family.

“I work 10 hours a day and I have an hour to take lunch. Working is not hard; it’s harder when I don’t have money.”

Netizens now wonder if the couple have the means to host a banquet in 2020 to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary, a wish that Au had mentioned to the media.

Text: Loh Keng Fatt / The Straits Times / October 2019

HK Star Admits He Cheated On Fiancée With Four Women

Oriental Daily reports that Steven Cheung made a public apology after he admitted that he cheated on his fiancee with four different ladies. The singer apologised online, admitting that he had lied to all of them when he told them he was forced into marrying his girlfriend that he had knocked up as she was blackmailing him.

After Steven posted a picture of his child online, the women found each other in the comments section and realised they were all in the same plight.

The 34-year-old’s public apology only came after three of the four ladies decided to go public about the situation and did an interview with a Hong Kong Portal a month ago.

The three ladies mentioned in their interview that Steven had slept with each of them and had even tried to borrow money from all of them.

A few days ago, Steven Cheung, half of Hong Kong musical duo Boyz, found himself in hot soup after he announced his marriage to a fan called Au Man-man, a model, and he shared a photo of the couple celebrating their baby’s 100 days.

This caught netizens by surprise since he has always been linked to longtime girlfriend April Leung.

April was also shocked, posting: “May I know what’s going on?”

Feeling cheated, she added: “What about me? Don’t you think you have something to say to me?”


She lashed out at Steven over the absence of any communication from him to clarify matters and noted that “all your clothes are still at my place”.

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April dropped another bombshell, revealing that he owes her money.


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As other women came forward to say that he had also wooed them, fans lambasted the singer for his straying ways.

On Monday (July 29), Steven finally took to Instagram to address the issue.

Apologising for his behaviour, he acknowledged that he “will not be forgiven”.

“However, I still want to tell each and every one of you: I have made a horrible mistake, and I am sorry to you all.”

Asking for understanding, he said he wants to change for the better, dropping the “irresponsible” attitude towards relationships that had drawn a backlash.

Steven thanked Man Man for standing by him, promising to “take care of her and the baby”, even if the path ahead will not be smooth.

The HK01 portal reported that three other women had since told the media that they were also in relationships with Steven after he wooed them with sweet talk.

The singer previously confessed that he had a sex addiction.

Boyz were slated to take over a performance slot at the Hong Kong Coliseum that was vacated by Andy Hui after the latter was caught kissing TVB actress Jacqueline Wong in April.

The September concert would mark Boyz’s first-ever show at the Coliseum, which is where all the big names play.

The backlash has now led to the axing of the Coliseum concert.

A devastated Kenny Kwan, the other Boyz member, said: “I’ve been wanting this for more than 10 years. This was my wish and dream.”

Image: Steven Cheung’s Instagram
Text: Loh Keng Fatt / The Straits Times / July 2019