While Infinite fans are excited about news of the group’s upcoming comeback, they might not be able to see the full group in action.

Leader Sunggyu has reportedly fractured his rib while filming a variety show, Singderella. Korean media outlet X Sports News quoted an official to be saying, “Sunggyu is not able to learn the choreography because of his rib injury. He might not be able to dance with the members, so we might have to change the filming content.”

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However, a fractured rib is a serious injury, so we do hope he’ll be allowed ample rest to have a speedy recovery.

Infinite’s comeback is scheduled for May, and a quick Google search tells us that the average healing time for a fractured rib is four weeks, so he might just make it for the comeback! But we wouldn’t be surprised if he has to sit on a chair during performances, like most other injured celebs did.

Another Korean media outlet, Sports Dongareported that an official from Woollim Entertainment confirmed that Sunggyu’s activities has been halted, and they are considering to change the comeback date.

Sunggyu is likely to fulfill his mandatory military service this year.

Image: Sunggyu’s Instagram