Former Wonder Girls member Sunmi released a new single ‘Pporappippam’, which tells the story of a hopeless romantic, on June 29.

Loosely translated, ‘Pporappippam’ means ‘purple night’ and the music video features purple lights and nighttime settings in all the scenes. The 28-year-old wrote the lyrics and music for the song and engaged the help of K-pop producer Frants for it.

In an online showcase, the South Korean star explained that she was initially working on a different song, but decided to work on this tune instead because “these days people feel down and heavy-hearted”.

“So this song is about being in love. It even made me feel fluttery while I was making it. This song is meant to make you cool down after a hot, sweaty afternoon, like when the wind blows and it cools you down in the evening,” she added.

She also explained why she chose to feature the colour purple, stating, “Purple is a mixture of the colors red and blue. I think there is the cold Sunmi and hot Sunmi within me — whether that be in my everyday life or on the stage. I think I’m a mixture of those and I feel so thrilled when people say things like ‘Sunmi is purple’ on the internet, because then it means I’m getting myself across well.”

‘Pporappippam’ is now available on streaming platforms including YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

Featured image: TPG Images