Various Korean media outlets have reported that a member of K-pop boy band Super Junior had assaulted his girlfriend while drunk this morning.

According to reports, the police received a report at 4.30am that Kangin was assaulting a woman at a bar in Sinsa-dong. When a police officer was dispatched to the scene, the woman told him that she was Kangin’s girlfriend, and that she didn’t want to press charges.

Since the victim refused to pursue the matter, the police detained Kangin without charge.



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This was not the first time the Super Junior member has gotten into trouble with the law. In 2009, he was involved in a bar brawl, and although it was later proven that he was acting in self-defense, he temporarily halted all activities.

Just a month after the incident, he was involved in a hit-and-run in which his car collided with a vacant parked taxi. He waited until five hours later before making a police report, and was later charged with driving under influence.

Just last year, he was involved in another DUI accident and was put under indefinite hiatus. He is not involved in Super Junior’s ongoing promotions for their latest album, PLAY.

The six members of Super Junior at the press conference to promote their latest album.

The Hallyu group is promoting as a sextet, as Kyuhyun and Ryeowook are currently in the army, Sungmin sat out for the current album due to fans’ protests, and Siwon halted promotions with Super Junior after netizens called for his withdrawal when his dog was found to have caused his neighbour’s death.

Update: A police officer told the Korean media that the incident did not happen at a bar in Sinsa-dong, but at a “room salon” in Nonhyeon-dong. Room salons are night establishments that usually offer sexual services. The police went on to say that although the woman claimed to be Kangin’s girlfriend, the police could not verify it.

He added that it would have been a criminal case if the room had been in a mess or if the victim was wounded.

Label SJ, the agency of Super Junior, said they have not been able to contact Kangin.

Update II: SM Entertainment released an apology, stating that Kangin had an argument with a friend he was drinking with. A misunderstanding led to the police being called to the scene.

A police representative also released a statement to correct that the incident took place in Nonhyeon-dong, not Sinsa-dong as they initially reported. They also said that Kangin was let off with a warning since the two parties resolved their issues on location. They added that although the woman claimed to be Kangin’s girlfriend, the media should seek confirmation of this through Kangin or SM Entertainment, not the police.

Images: TPG/Click Photos