Super Junior’s Kim Heechul’s fondness for TWICE’s Momo is no secret—he has professed his adoration for the Japanese K-pop idol on various shows, including Weekly Idol and Ask Us Anything.

The attention he gives to Momo that has resulted in their dating rumous a few times.


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After rumours of them dating resurfaced recently, their agencies, SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, confirmed that the two are indeed dating.

According to their agencies, the pair started out with a senior-junior relationship, and it was only recently that they started dating.


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Even before they started dating, Heechul has regularly mentioned Momo in his TV programmes, promoted TWICE’s song and even selected her to appear in the music video for Sweet Dream, a duet between him and Min Kyung Hoon. He also uploads a wefie with her whenever she appears on Ask Us Anything or when they work together on other programmes.

Momo has also teased about Heechul’s affection for her. On a recent episode of Ask Us Anything, she said she was upset after Heechul chose an actress as his ideal type instead.

Momo is the second TWICE member to have admitted to being in a relationship in the past year.

Meanwhile, this marks the first time 36-year-old Heechul is in a public relationship throughout his 15 years in the industry. Although he has been linked to various celebrities in the past, such as Ivy, he has never admitted to dating them. However, he is known to have many female friends. In fact, his female best friend, Son Dambi, revealed that a lot of female celebrities consider Heechul a “safe” friend because he would not cross the line and even send them back home safely if they were drunk.

Heechul and Momo’s dating news was met with postive reactions, as many expressed their congratulatory messages to the couple.

While some netizens voiced their concern over their 13-year age gap, others were quick to jump to their defense.

Heechul recently made headlines for taking care of Sulli’s cat after her passing. He and the late K-pop star shared a close sibling-like relationship, and many wondered what had happened to her Sphinx cat after she passed away. Heechul revealed that he tried to keep it a secret because he was afraid of what people would say, but netizens eventually found out when the cat leapt into frame while he was doing a livestream. He decided to address the rumours through a livestream on YouTube.

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