When news broke that Super Junior’s Kangin was involved in a hit-and-run case yesterday, fans started a petitioned demanding for the idol to leave the group.

The 31-year-old had hit a street light and fled the scene, only head to the police station 11 hours later to report about his car being damaged. He told the police that he thought he had hit the curb and was not aware that it was a street light.

The authorities did a breath analyser test on him and found that the alcohol content in his blood was high enough for his license to be suspended.

This is not his first DUI (drinking under influence) case. In 2009, he was involved in a similar accident where he crashed his car into a parked taxi. He turned himself in five hours later. The incident took place a month after he was involved in an assault case – though it was proven later that he only acted in self-defence.

Just last year, he was embroiled in another controversy when he failed to turn up for his mandatory reserve military training. However, his agency, SM Entertainment, revealed that he missed the training due to a conflict in schedule. “It was due to a schedule and personal matters. We will ensure it doesn’t happen again,” they said in a statement.

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Following his recent controversy, SM Entertainment has since cancelled all his future activities. The singer had previously filmed Law of the Jungle alongside fellow member Leeteuk, but the broadcast company SBS stated that they would try to edit out as much of his appearance on the episode as possible. His appearance as a special DJ on Super Junior Kiss the Radio has also been cancelled.

However, fans are demanding for him to be kicked out of the group and stated that his actions were not befitting of Super Junior’s image and would impede their career.

They wrote: “We, the Super Junior’s fan community, are making a statement through DC Inside gallery, that due to Super Junior’s member Kangin’s criminal offenses, it would cause a blow to the group activities, so we think it’s unfair for him to continue activities under the name of Super Junior.”

They went on to list activities that Kangin has done that they opined were damaging to the idol group’s image.

Super Junior started out as a temporary 12-member group. However, after the addition of Kyuhyun in 2006, they became a permanent band. Kibum halted activities with the group during their third album to focus on acting, while Chinese member Han Geng filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract in 2009.

However, since Kangin enlisted for the army in 2010, the band has not performed with a full member count, as the members took turns to fulfil their mandatory military service.

SM Entertainment has yet to release a statement to address the petition.

Image: TPG/Click Photos