When a K-pop idol takes on a variety show, you know that you’ll get gems of information, especially when their friends make an appearance. So when Suzy started her own variety show on V app, all eyes were glued on what she would reveal, whether it’s about her daily life or love life.

While she had slyly managed to avoid answering questions about her dating life, it seems everyone is relentless when it comes to finding the dirt on her and her boyfriend, actor Lee Minho.

While playing a game of truth and dare – for which they had to drink a soju shot as a penalty if they’re found lying or if they refused to answer – Suzy was grilled about her kiss experience.

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Her friend took her by surprise when she asked Suzy when her last kiss was, but instead of answering, the singer said, “Are you crazy?” before drinking a shot.

Earlier, she also had to drink as a penalty when she couldn’t convince her friends that her first kiss took place when she was filming a scene for drama Dream High, in which she had to lock lips with actor Kim Soohyun.

You can watch Suzy’s variety show on V app, available for download for free on App Store and Play Store.

Image: Suzy’s Instagram