Two weeks ago, South Korea was shaken by a sex scandal when a YouTuber claimed to have been a victim of sexual harassment. The YouTuber, Yang Ye Won, is one-half of the popular Beagle Couple, whose channel has more than 220,000 subscribers.

On May 16, she uploaded a video titled “I’m a victim of a sex crime. Please listen to my story.” In the video, she alleged having been forced to take part in a nude photoshoot against her will and groped by 20 men in the process. She claimed that she eventually participated in the shoot because she was afraid of being sexually assaulted.

The video confession came after photos and videos of Ye Won from the shoot were uploaded to a pornographic website. The man who uploaded the materials has since been arrested, but denied any association to the photoshoot.

Days later, a petition to support Ye Won was started and garnered 10,000 signatures.

At this point, Korean actress Suzy came forward and uploaded a screengrab to show that she had signed the petition titled “Hap Jung XXXX Illegal Nude Filming”. Her endorsement of the petition made the number of signatures jumped to 160,000. If the petition had more than 200,000 signatures within 30 days, a government official from the Blue House would have to respond to the issue.

But there was a problem: the photo studio that was involved in the shoot was wrongly identified – the new studio (Once Picture) that took over the location was accused instead.

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Once Picture studio is now taking legal actions against the Korean actress for the damage she has caused to their reputation. They released an official statement stating that Suzy had supported a petition that exposed their company and claimed they were running an illegal business without doing proper checks although she knew the kind of influence she wielded.

After it came to light that the company had been wrongly accused, Suzy had reportedly contacted the company through her agency JYP Entertainment to set up an appointment to personally apologise to the studio. However, she was told to wait for their lawyer to contact her instead.

She then took it to Instagram to post a public apology and clear up the misunderstanding, acknowledging her mistake and stating that the accused company was in no way involved in the sex scandal.

The studio has acknowledged that Suzy is not solely to blame for the damages they’ve incurred, but said they wanted to use the incident to demonstrate how a celebrity’s rash use of their influence can have a negative impact.

An official from JYP Entertainment told the Korean media outlets that they would be consulting their legal representatives on how to move forward.

In recent developments of the sex scandal, the owner of the original photo studio released Kakaotalk conversations to prove that Ye Won had been a willing party in the photoshoot and that it was not done illegally. And although she had claimed to have participated in the shoot five times, he said that she had, in fact, done it 13 times because she kept asking for more work to get money to pay off her school fees.

Ye Won then claimed that she didn’t agree to be groped and had no say on on the choice of outfit, claiming that she was told, “I have your photos, so think wisely,” which she claimed sounded like blackmail.

She went on to say that the whole story hasn’t been publicly revealed, and will only be done in court.

Image: TPG/Click Photos