If you thought Korean movies are only about romance and sad love stories, you clearly haven’t watched Train to Busan. We kid. But really, K-movies extend to more than the romance genre.

There has been movies about politics, the supernatural and comedy. The latest K-movie to hit the screens in Singapore, Swing Kids, blends a few genres into a two-hour show: dance, comedy, melodrama and politics.

Set during the Korean War, the story follows a North Korean prisoner-of-war Roh Kisoo (acted by EXO member Do Kyungsoo) who finds himself conflicted about staying true to his communist roots and embracing his love for tap dancing, an American dance.

Swing-Kids-do-kyungsoo-tap-dance korean movie

He joins a group of misfits—a Chinese soldier who wants to be a choreographer, a civilian who was mistaken as a communist, a civilian girl who is trying to make money to support her family, and an African American soldier who was a Broadway tap dancer before enlisting into the army—and form an unlikely friendship with them.

swing kids korean movie review

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Scroll through the gallery to find out the social issues that the movie touched on that are relatable to all of us.

Swing Kids is now in cinemas.