A member of Korean girl group Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon, was involved in a traffic accident last evening.

The 28-year-old was driving towards Nonhyeon Station when her Mercedez Benz rear-ended the taxi in front of her. The taxi then collided with the car in front of it due to the impact.

Three people – the driver of an Audi car and two taxi passengers – reportedly sustained minor injuries in the collision and the singer was also taken to the hospital after complaining of chest pains. However, the agency said she is now resting at home.

Police also stated that the singer passed the sobriety test and said since no drunk-driving was involved, they would treat the case as a simple accident.

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Shortly after the incident, a Korean media outlet reported that a netizen claiming to be one of the victims in the accident uploaded a photo of the wreck onto social media and wrote that “the perpetrator had gone to the hospital first because she’s a famous idol”. The post has since been deleted.

Another person who claimed to be the tow truck driver deployed to the scene of the accident claimed that Taeyeon wasn’t given preferential treatment. He said that Taeyeon had gone to the hospital in her manager’s car and not in the ambulance, refuting public criticism of the idol and the emergency team.

SM Entertainment, Taeyeon’s agency, released a statement to apologise for the singer’s “careless driving”. They added that she was sorry to the parties involved and will do her best to deal with the accident. They added that decisions on her upcoming concert and comeback plans will be made at a later time.

Image: TPG/Click Photos