If there’s one thing that most K-pop fans would agree on, it’s that Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is one of the best vocalists in the K-pop circuit. The lead vocalist of the group is known for her power pipes, sweet vocals and versatile vocal acrobatics, which allow her to easily straddle between ballads and high-energy pop numbers. With her immense talent, it’s no surprise then that she has made her solo debut—and a successful one, at that.

The 29-year-old further proved her mettle through her first solo concert in Singapore last weekend, ‘s… TAEYEON CONCERT. The concert was her second show in Singapore in four months, having performed at the Hallyu Pop Fest last September. While the latter provided fans a preview of what her solo stages are like, the concert served up the full course—including costumes, stage props and performances accompanied by a live band. We’ve mentioned it before, but a live band truly highlights a singer’s musical abilities and Taeyeon’s shone during the show, whether it’s on fast-tempo track “Cover Up” or mid-tempo number “I”.

During the concert, she also made it a point to banter with fans—one lucky fan who wore a Kaonashi (character from Spirited Away) mask even got her attention! She joked, “If I were to dislike Kaonashi from Spirited Away, what would you do?” What was even funnier was her reaction to the translator translating “Kaonashi” as “No face”.

Apart from showing off her personality, she also shared insightful thoughts. At one point, she also revealed that it was an emotional day for her because it was the last day of her concert tour. While singing an unreleased song, “Gravity”, she teared up, before apologising for crying at the end of the song.

Here are some of her golden quips.

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Images: IMC Live Global, Taeyeon’s Instagram