A wedding is always a joyous affair, and that the latest celebrity to live out that happy occasion is Ady An, a Taiwanese actress and singer.

The 36-year-old married her multi-millionaire boyfriend Chen Rong Lian on March 15. They reportedly met in late 2014.

Ady made the announcement on Weibo, writing, “1230 days ago, you suddenly came into my world via the Anywhere Door. And I took 810 to get to know you better. I didn’t expect to be subdued by you. OK, I shall accompany you, eat with you, play with you… until we are old. The forever-young Mr Doraemon, please take care of you Mrs Chen in future.”

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If you’re wondering if the “Anywhere Door” is a dating agency, it’s not (yet). Rather, it refers to Doraemon’s invention that allows users to go from one place to another in an instant.

Ady also posted photos from the wedding on her Weibo. Check them out below.

Images: Ady An’s Weibo