Taylor Swift’s relationship with current boyfriend Tom Hiddleston is going way swiftly. Just weeks after they were spotted kissing on the beach, the Thor actor has reportedly met Taylor’s family in Nashville. And this week, the singer flew into England – on a private jet – to hang out with Tom’s family for 24 hours.

After the pair landed in England, Tom reportedly brought Taylor around town to show off his favourite hangout spots. Later, the group, including Tom’s mother, sister and niece, was photographed going to a beach in Suffolk. The new couple then had a romantic stroll on the beach as the others trailed behind them.

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Taylor didn’t visit Tom’s family empty-handed. Daily Mail published a photo showing the singer’s security carrying bags of Nashville-themed goodies, presumably for Tom’s family.

Now that they’ve reached the stage of meeting the parents just a few weeks into the relationship, we’re guessing the next step is to buy a house, if they were to do it Singaporean-style. But then again, they don’t have to wait a few years for a BTO flat since Taylor has a super swanky loft of her own, so perhaps wedding bells will ring soon?

Images: TPG/Click Photos