The Covid-19 pandemic has spotlighted some of the worst traits in humans. But thankfully, there are always people who prove there’s home for humanity.

Taylor Swift may be one of them.

The 30-year-old singer had been quietly helping fans financially during this tough Covid-19 period where employment is uncertain for some people. One such fan was Holly Turner.

The avid Taylor Swift fan had written a post on Tumblr, sharing that her livelihood was threatened because of the Covid-19 pandemic and she was debating on whether or not to leave the place she was currently residing because she might not be able to afford rent.

Holly, who is working as a freelance music photographer, had wanted to leave New York City because the Covid-19 situation had led to her jobs being postponed or cancelled entirely. With no other source of income, Holly’s finances wore thin and she said she wouldn’t be able to afford to pay rent for her apartment after May.

Fortunately, the “Lover” singer saw her post on Tumblr and gave her a generous sum of US$3,000 ($4,301), along with a sweet note: “Holly, you’ve always been there for me. I want to be there for you right now. I hope this helps, Love, Taylor.” What a queen! ?

Holly said, “I have been working my entire life to be able to live in New York City and I thought that was going to be taken, and she saved that for me. So, I am just so, so, so grateful.”

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And if you thought Taylor was doing it for publicity, she didn’t tell the media about it. It was Holly who thanked her publicly on Twitter because she wanted everyone to know what the singer did for her.


In fact, Holly wasn’t the only fan Taylor helped. Some fans have taken it to Twitter to let others know that Taylor had reached out to them privately to offer help.

Taylor is not the only celebrity who has lent a helping hand to fans. Ariana Grande reportedly had been in contact with several fans, sending donations ranging from US$500 ($717) to US$1,500 ($2,150). Other celebrities such as celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, who own buildings, decided to forgo rent for their tenants during this period.

While some of us might not be able to afford to give as generously as these celebrities, we can do our part by complying with government-issued safety orders. Find out more about that here.

Images: TPG/Click Photos