If you thought Japan couldn’t outdo itself after Masked Girls, a girl group who perform with masks, wait till you hear their latest group. SHINyan is a group inspired by Korean pop boy band SHINee and is made up of five cats. We’re not kidding.

The group’s name is a play on SHINee’s moniker and “nyan”, which is the sound a cat makes in Japanese (i.e. “meow” in Japanese).

Even the members’ names are inspired by SHINee’s monikers: ONEWNyan, JONGNyan, TAEMINyan, MINONyan and KEYNyan.

From left: ONEWNyan, JONGNyan, TAEMINyan, MINONyan and KEYNyan.

Universal Music Japan created a Twitter account for the quintet yesterday to announce the formation of the group. SHINyan also has a website, on which they’ve updated to introduce themselves.

ONEWNyan (we’re assuming he’s the leader, just like Onew) wrote: “Nice to meet you, everyone! ONEWNyan, JONGNyan, TAEMINyan, MINONyan and KEYNyan, the five of us are SHINyan. This time round, we’re making our debut with “Because of you for cat”. Through this blog, we’ll show you the behind the scenes and our hardworking appearance. Please support us!”

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Of course, all this was written with the “nya” suffix to show off his cat personality.

Before you think they might get sued by SM Entertainment, SHINee’s Korean agency, it seems they’ve gotten permission from the former based on the footnote on the website.

From what we see on the website, apart from the music video, they’ll also be releasing a single! We can’t wait for it. It’s not clear if they will ever perform in public. But if they do have plans for that… can you come to Singapore, please-nya?

Images: SHINyan’s Twitter