An old video that recently resurfaced shows TVXQ’s Changmin assaulting a woman.

In the video, he was seen yanking the door open, and dragging a woman out. He then threw her to the ground in apparent anger. As she stood up and walked to the side, the driver was seen shooing the other passengers out. The TVXQ member was then seen having a heated argument with the taxi driver.

Netizens assume that the woman was a sasaeng fan, or a stalker fan, who was chasing him in a taxi.

Sasaeng fans are obsessive fans who go to the extremes to see their idols. Some would follow them around all day in a taxi that specialises in stalking idols, while some would incessantly call them up on their personal mobile phones, giving them little to no privacy at all.

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A few fans have even invaded into their idol’s personal space by reportedly sneaking into the group’s dormitory and hotel rooms to take photos or steal their idol’s personal belongings.

A few years ago, an audio recording of JYJ’s Jaejoong allegedly harassing a sasaeng fan surfaced. Other celebrities such as Super Junior and Girls’ Generation have also called out their sasaeng fans for their unruly behaviour.

While some people said the woman in the video deserved it, others expressed sympathy, saying that it must have hurt to be hurled to the ground like that.

Although it was uploaded last week, the video recording appeared to be an old one.

TVXQ, currently comprising Changmin and Yunho, recently released their eighth album, New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love.

Image: TPG/Click Photos