[Updated with NH Media’s new statement]

A member of K-pop boy band U-KISS has been hospitalised after sustaining second-degree burns following an accident on set.

Kiseop was filming a new music video with his band members, and was reportedly using a smoke machine as a prop, which exploded. A rep from NH Media, U-KISS’ agency, said, “He sustained second-degree burns, and had shrapnel from the machine embedded in his body. He was transferred to a hospital in Incheon.”

The rep added, “The smoke machine is one that’s usually used by the public at soccer matches and other festivals. We used it for the music video filming, but it exploded.”

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The agency said that Kiseop is currently resting at the hospital after receiving treatment.


In a photo that NH Media released to the Korean media, it was apparent that Kiseop had suffered injuries in his hand, neck and face.

U-KISS debuted in 2008, but Kiseop only joined the group in late 2009. After a few rounds of line-up changes, the group is currently promoting as a quintet.

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In April, member Eli revealed that U-KISS was preparing for a comeback, and that Kiseop had participated in composing and writing some of the songs.

The agency has yet to advise if this will affect their comeback, but we sure hope Kiseop will have a full recovery before standing on stage again!


The agency released a statement to Korean news outlets to inform them that Kiseop is currently resting at home, and will begin outpatient treatment.

They also released a video of the accident (Warning: Contains disturbing content).

Image: Kiseop’s Instagram