Everyone knows that deep down, cats are just a–holes. But given their grace and personality, we let them get away with it anyway.

In a typical human-cat encounter, an Algerian fireman tried to save a kitty that seemed like it was in distress, while stuck on a telephone pole. Predictably, the cat was all like, “Please, no, get out of my face,” and preferred to do a perilous high-wire act across the telephone wires instead.

Onlookers watched as the circus act cat came dangerously close to falling off the wire.The firemen quickly mobilised a safety sheet to catch the kitty, while another rescuer nudged the cat off the wire with a pole.

But it seemed that the cat’s original mistrust of stoopid hoomans was totally founded as it fell down to (and through!) the supposed safety sheet that was being held by the firemen below.

Luckily, this kitty obviously had not spent it’s nine lives and ran away unhurt. 

Watch the whole ordeal play out here:

Text: Kit Chua
Images: SuzyM/123rf.com