If you’ve been keeping up with the hottest Korean videos, you might have come across this viral one of a rapper in a pink mask. The rapper, who goes by the name Mommy Son, first caught eyeballs when he appeared on the latest season of reality TV rapping competition Show Me The Money. He had refused to take off his fuchsia mask until the end of the competition.

After the first episode of the show aired, many suspected that the rapper is Mad Clown, who won the second season of the same competition and returned as a producer during the fifth season. Mad Clown had denied the allegations on his Instagram account, writing that Mommy Son was a gimmick and that he didn’t want to be associated with the latter. Of course, everyone took it as a joke.


A few days later, glove company, Mommy Son, sent Mad Clown 600 pairs of gloves as a gift, to which he wrote, “Why did you send me this?”


When the second episode aired, he refused to take off his mask although one judge said, “Now that everyone knows, can you take off the mask?”

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Mommy Son said, “To me, this is just an artistic outlet for me. I have so many different personas within me that I wish to express. I felt like there was a limit to what I can do. The character Mama Son, whether you know or not, it’s a form of entertainment for myself. It might look ridiculous to you, but that’s why I wear this mask.”

He was eliminated in the second episode, but it seems he could have planned his elimination because on the same day the episode aired, he uploaded a music video, “Shonen Jump”, in which he referenced his failure on the show. He rapped, “This was for the boost. Things are going according to plan.”

He also referred to the judges – his fellow rappers – as “villains”. The video has since garnered more than 14 million views.

Judging from his lyrics and the activity on his Instagram account, pinkbeanieboiboi, we reckon Mad Clown might continue using this persona for a bit longer.

Image: YouTube