A few days ago, K-pop boy band Wanna One was embroiled in controversy on the day of their comeback after a video of them allegedly swearing and complaining about not getting paid was uploaded on the internet.

The video was recorded while the group was preparing for a live appearance on Mnet’s Star Live.


In the video, Kang Daniel complained about not getting paid; Park Ji Hoon asked why they were only receiving a 20-percent cut; Ong Seung Woo griped about not getting enough rest, while Lai Guan Lin called out a sasaeng fan (obsessive fan) who kept coming to their dorms.

In the video, member Ha Sung Woon allegedly swore and made sexual remarks. He was heard to have said “I’d better curse in advance” before saying “F*** f*** f***”. He also allegedly said “Dae ddal gak”, which can be translated into jerk off.


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Although Mnet confirmed that the video was not supposed to have been aired, the band received backlash from netizens who criticised them for making such comments and showing inappropriate behaviour.

Wanna One and their agency, YMC Entertainment, issued an apology following the incidents. However, fans were convinced that Sung Woon was innocent and decided to send the audio to the Digital Forensic Research Center that analyses digital evidence.

The results were shared yesterday and found that Sung Woon did not swear or make sexual remarks. The sentence “I’d better curse in advance” was in fact “I’d better say this in advance”, while the swear words were found to be static noise.


While some people claimed he said “dae ddal gak”, it seemed he had said “Answer me” instead.

The group is currently in Chile as part of Music Bank’s world tour.

Images: TPG/Click Photos