Kang Daniel, best known as a member of K-pop group Wanna One, has filed for an injunction against his agency, LM Entertainment, to suspend his contract.

The singer did so after the agency allegedly signed joint contracts to sell his exclusive contract rights to third parties. His lawyer said he applied for an injunction because LM Entertainment had breached the terms of his contract.

Daniel was a trainee under MMO Entertainment when he entered a K-pop survival competition Produce 101 Season 2 as a contestant. He finished off first and became a part of boy group Wanna One. All along, the group was meant to be a temporary group to provide a platform for trainees and K-pop stars who wanted a second shot in the industry. After about one-and-a-half years of promotions, Wanna One held their final concert in January.

Daniel went on to sign a contract with LM Entertainment to pursue a solo career in February. He started an Instagram account in January and made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for reaching 1 million followers in the shortest amount of time.


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However, he stopped updating his Instagram account in early February. Earlier this month, he reportedly went on his official fan forum and announced that he would be starting a new Instagram account as his agency refused to give him access to his own account. He also acknowledged that he was in a conflict with his agency, addressing rumours that were circulating at that time.


After the application for an injunction, his lawyer estimates that a decision will be reached in one to two months, and if the court accepts it, Daniel will be free to promote in the industry as an independent artist.

The lawyer said, “Kang Daniel feels bad that the incident had to become a legal issue and expresses his apologies to his fans who cherish him. Kang Daniel is sorry that the incident had to turn into a legal dispute, and he apologises to his fans who cherish him. He hopes that the situation will be resolved soon.”

Image: TPG/Click Photos