Former girl group member Sulli has been constantly under fire since her dating scandal with Choiza broke out almost three years ago.

The 21-year-old starlet was first spotted with the 36-year-old rapper in 2013 but both denied allegations that they were dating. A few months later, their agencies admitted that the pair was in a relationship and shortly after, Sulli left her group, f(x). Fans blamed her for “abandoning” the group and until now, she continues to receive negative comments whenever she posts about her relationship.

More recently, netizens had a bone to pick with her after she updated her Instagram with a photo and video of her eating whipped cream from the can.


Some fans were quick to allege that the action had an underlying sexual meaning – the whipped cream symbolising semen – and that it could have been a message for Choiza. Others disagree and think it’s only a regular video of a person eating cream.

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This wasn’t the first time Sulli had attracted flak on social media. Last year, she was criticised for showing support for her best friend IU on Instagram during the release of the latter’s new album that coincided with her former group, f(x). She later posted another photo on Instagram to say that she supports her ex-members too.

However, a month later, the photo disappeared from her feed. She defended herself and claimed that she was hacked.

Image: TPG/Click Photos