If you’re familiar with Korean music awards ceremony, you’d probably know that some artistes wear the same clothes on the red carpet and on stage – which is fine, because their stage outfits are usually glitzy and extravagant. But there are also those who choose to don special outfits just for the red carpet. Unfortunately, not all of them look stunning, especially if they decide to take a sartorial risk.

We know that Eunji is famous for acting in Reply 1997, but the whole group looked like they went through their mothers’ wardrobes for the red carpet.

And you thought EXO could do no wrong. Their outfits got their fans on Twitter going, “What are they wearing?” The answer is Louis Vuitton.

We were about to crown VIXX as Best Dressed Band, until we saw Ravi’s turtleneck.

BtoB kept things simple with uniform red blazers and in place of bowties, they had a ribbon around their neck. But Peniel, off with the hat, please.

OK, YASSS, CNBLUE is definitely the best dressed group for the night. And surprisingly, Yonghwa didn’t look like a groom even with an all-white suit on.

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Confused, we are, by BEAST’s outfits. Apart from the fact that they have the same colour palette, they seem too starkly different.

We love what SEVENTEEN wore to the red carpet, but their stage outfits are just… NO.

The SHINee boys looking darn fine, but Taemin seemed to not have gotten the memo about keeping things sleek and simple.

BTS went down the safe route with grey suits, but J-Hope, what’s with the buttoned tee?

One female celeb who’s deserving of the best dressed award is definitely f(x)’s Krystal, who was also the emcee. She looked like a goddess!

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