Like any awards show, the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards is not only a showcase of creative works, but also fashion. Every year, there were hits and misses at MAMA, and this year is no different. We take a look at what the celebs wore on the red carpet and during the show.

  1. Park Boyoung

    We love the clutch but why was she wearing a tiered cake, we mean dress?

  2. Kim Sohyun


    A photo posted by 김소현 (@wow_kimsohyun) on

    She’s 16. This dress made her look 36. Just, no.

  3. f(x)
    Can we gush about how much we love Amber’s shirt? And Krystal’s choice of peplum top and straight-cut pants totally accentuated her figure. #love

  4. HyunA

    She looks like a Barbie with the whole thigh-high boots and mini-dress combo, but we must say she looks amazing.

  5. Taeyeon
    The front of her dress is beautiful, but the back of her dress is GORGEOUS.

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  6. Tiffany

    The dress is totally her personal style, but we’re not sure if anyone else can pull it off without looking like a kid.

  7. Seohyun

    Her dress is so on point.

  8. EXO

    Who wears a sweater to an award show? EXO, apparently. What happened to the suave suits from last year?

  9. T.O.P

    (Source, Source)
    If you think G-Dragon is a fashion chameleon, wait till you see T.O.P’s transformation at MAMA. He came out looking like a Christmas present, before transforming into a super-hot rapper. *wipes drool*

  10. Seventeen

    The thing about being a rookie band is that you don’t have a lot of wardrobe choices. Almost every K-pop boy band that just started out would have worn checkered outfits, so we can’t really blame Seventeen for looking like they’re celebrating Christmas too early.

Image: TPG/Click Photos