If you’re looking for romantic ideas to surprise your man with, watching Korean dramas could be a good way to start. After all, K-dramas are known for the ridiculously sweet exchanges between the lead actor and actress. These scenes are not limited to cheesy lines, but also memorable kiss scenes.

Each drama seems to want to outdo the others when it comes to creative ways to kiss (Iris’ candy kiss, You Who Came From The Star’s 15-second kiss – the list goes on). The latest one to join the ranks of creative kisses is W. In episode 7, the lead actor, Lee Jongsuk, engaged in a passionate lip-lock with Han Hyojoo. But here’s the catch – she was wearing handcuffs.

Get your mind out of the gutter. We’re not talking about 50 Shades of Grey50 Shades of Grey-style kisses. Rather, we must say it was quite tamed and romantic.

However, Jongsuk revealed that his thought process behind the scene wasn’t as straightforward as it looks. He told High Cut magazine, “I did a lot of research about what I should do with my hands when the heroine’s hands are handcuffed, and how I should angle my head [during the kiss].”

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W is a popular fantasy drama about a resident doctor, Oh Yeonjoo, whose father disappeared as he was working on the final installment of a webtoon. When she goes into his drawing room, a bloodied hand pulled her into another world where she met Kang Cheol, the protagonist in her father’s webtoon, bleeding after being stabbed. After saving him and going back to her world, her father comes back and she found out that he was going to kill off Kang Cheol’s character. While trying to talk him out of it, she got sucked into the other world again.

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