It seems Korean drama The King: Eternal Monarch is skyrocketing Woo Do Hwan’s popularity, not only among fans, but also among producers.

The actor, who acts as Jo Yeong and Jo Eun Seob in the Korean drama that’s currently airing on Netflix, has been offered a lead role in an upcoming K-drama.

The 27-year-old actor is in talks to be part of the new series produced by Daydream Entertainment, Hero, which will be aired on OCN.

If the talks are successful, he will play the character of Oh Gyu Tae who gives up a career in sports after his brother’s suicide to become a prosecutor in an investigation department. He is, however, forced to retire from his position after an incident in the courtroom and becomes jobless.

Although initial reports stated that he was confirmed to take up the role, a source from his agency KeyEast Entertainment, clarified that he was simply offered the role and he hasn’t confirmed that he would be taking it up. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that would!

If he does, this will mark his second lead role after Tempted in 2018, in which he acted opposite Red Velvet’s Joy.

Hero will be written by Park Hee Kang, who also wrote 2019’s drama Possessed, which was also aired on OCN.