The CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, announced today that he will be stepping down from all his roles at the agency. YG Entertainment, one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea, is home to K-pop acts such as Big Bang, Blackpink, WINNER and iKON.

He said in a statement that he would be stepping down to prevent the label and its artists from being harmed because of the rumours about him. He said, “I have endured patiently with the current situation even when disgraceful and shameful words are being spoken indiscreetly. But it would be difficult for me to continue doing that.” He also said that the truth will eventually be revealed through investigations.

His announcement came after the recent drug scandal involving iKON’s B.I who has since left the group. During a separate drug investigation, the accused in the case had claimed that they had delivered drugs to B.I, before changing their story to say that B.I had sounded them out about buying drugs but didn’t end up making the purchase.

YG Entertainment had initially denied the claims and claimed the accused was trying to get a lighter sentence by dragging the iKON leader into the mess, but B.I later posted on Instagram, acknowledging that he did attempt to purchase drugs illegally and announced his departure from the group. YG Entertainment then released a statement to confirm that they had terminated their contract with B.I.

On the same day that the news leaked, rumours were rife that Hyun Suk had influenced the accused to change their statement.

Later in that day, the Korean news outlets reported that the accused was Han Seo Hee, a trainee who was previously involved in T.O.P’s drug case.

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When asked by the Korean media whether he did in fact influenced her, Hyun Suk said that he had simply taken her phone to ensure she wasn’t recording their conversation. He said that he was careful with his words and told her that the agency conducts a drug test for its artists twice a month and B.I was never tested positive, and if he was tested negative by the police, she could be charged with defamation and deceit. He said she got scared and changed her story.

However, Seo Hee had told the Korean media outlets that he had told her to retract her statement to the police. She said that he offered to cover the costs of hiring her a lawyer and would ensure she wouldn’t get punished. She said, “I was scared and didn’t have a choice.”

Seo Hee confirmed her identity as the accused through an Instagram post. In the post, she wrote that she’s currently overseas and will return to Korea in two days. She assured her followers that she was OK and that she didn’t know her identity would be revealed this soon.

In the caption, she wrote that she is not a dealer, but that she bought drugs from a dealer and personally delivered them to Kim Han Bin (B.I) without additional charge. She also said that investigations would reveal everything but that she was afraid that things might get complicated because of Hyun Suk’s involvement in the case now.

Hyun Suk started out in the entertainment industry as one-third of popular hip-hop group Seo Taiji & Boys in 1991. In 1996, he set up YG Entertainment and released a solo album. The agency’s stable of artists included top stars such as PSY, Epik High, among others, although the two acts have since moved to other labels.

Image: TPG/Click Photos