You’ve heard of couples breaking up over text messages but celebrities proposing on social media? Yoga Lin just checked that box.

The Taiwanese singer wrote a lengthy proposal on Weibo to his girlfriend, Kiki Ting, asking for her hand in marriage.

In the post, he talked about how he had been mulling over the different ways to propose to her and thanked her for being his rock during their time together. He wrote, “It’s today. I want to put you down. I can’t bear to let you continue wasting your life away as time passes by; I shall lead so that our future is clear.”

He wrapped the post up with more sweet words. “Tension. I’ve been nervous for a few hours, from last night before going to bed to now. When I send this message, you will see it in two minutes. I’m not sure if everything will go smoothly. But I’m ready – ready to go on my knees, ready to speak to you, and hidden in my pocket is the ring I bought. Please marry me.”

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Exactly an hour later, he posted a photo of them hugging, along with the caption, “She said yes. :)” Nawww.


Last year, Yoga revealed in an interview that he planned to marry the Taiwanese singer in two to three years, “when [my career] is stable enough to give her a sense of security.” Looks like that assurance came earlier than expected.

Before the pair dated, Yoga was in a relationship with G.E.M for three years. Rumour has it that Kiki was the cause of the breakup.

Images: Weibo