Are you in love with Yoo Shi Jin, Song Joongki’s character in Descendants of the Sun? While you can’t have him – or the real life Joongki – you can at least transform your man into him in one simple step.

Just make him wear Shi Jin’s signature aviators.

The good news is, you don’t have to look high and low for an identical pair because we’ve got the answer for you: Ray-Ban’s Aviator, RB3025.

Before you panic and think, “Does that mean he has to wear his NS uniform every time he goes out with me?”, don’t fret. The Ray-Ban Aviator is so versatile that they match almost every outfit, whether your man is wearing a simple white tee with jeans, or dressing up in a shirt and dress pants.

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But here’s the best news: The Aviators are unisex so you can have couple sunglasses!

Apart from the RB3025, here are a few other models that look just as good.

Images: Ray-Ban, KBS World/YouTube