Since last month, the government has advised Singaporeans and residents to defer all travels.

Echoing the words of the government is the Queen of Mediacorp, Zoe Tay. She has been banging her proverbial gavel and telling friends and family to cancel their travel plans.

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News for her upcoming drama My Guardian Angels, the 52-year-old advised: “Cancel your travel plans. You can travel anytime later as long as you’re alive. You don’t have to do your travelling and social gatherings now; you can do it in the second half of the year.”

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And as someone who’s played a nurse before in local drama series You Can Be An Angel Too, Zoe was full of praise and appreciation for the frontline healthcare workers who are battling the pandemic.

“They know the dangers of viruses better than we do, and they must be afraid, but they are still at the frontlines because of their duty. They’re very noble,” she said, noting that the best way to help them is to adhere to the measures announced by the government.

“During this critical time, we must abide by the measures implemented by the government. They won’t harm you.”

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In an interview with 8world, veteran actress Jin Yinji (and Zoe’s co-star on My Guardian Angels) recounted an incident when Zoe drove her to a clinic after she felt ill on set.

The 73-year-old said: “I ate painkillers at noon and Zoe noticed my hand trembling and my lack of appetite. I had filming until the evening but the effects of the medication had worn off by then. Halfway through the shoot, my body was in terrible pain, it hurt until I cried.

“The director stopped the filming and Zoe rushed me to the nearest clinic to see a doctor while [Pan] Lingling drove me home.”

Thankfully, Yinji had only caught the flu and was given three days of medical leave.

Image: 林泽锐
Text: Bryan Lim / AsiaOne / April 2020