We gotta admit, we don’t usually coo over cute stuff (who are we kidding?) but the Disney Tsum Tsum stackable drawers from 7-Eleven got us going “OMG SO CUTE!”

Why stackable drawers? It’s a great pun on the name of the characters, which is derived from the Japanese verb “tsumu”, which means to stack. So you can stack these drawers on top of one another to make your own little Disney drawer collection.


The drawers features six characters—Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, Toy Story’s Lotso and Alien. The set of 12 drawers features the head or bottom of a character as a 3D knob. And if you remove the knob (just twist it to remove) and combine the head and bottom of the same character, you get a whole Tsum Tsum!

Each drawer are not huge—the slots are finger-sized—but it can certainly store your knick-knacks such as accessories and random office stationary.


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Want these drawers? Spend $4 at any 7-Eleven store in Singapore to get an original sticker stamp. With six stamps, you can redeem a blind pack of Tsum Tsum drawer by topping up $5.90, while 20 stamps will get you the drawer for free!

If you’re feeling lucky, participate in a lucky draw on 7-Eleven Singapore’s Facebook page to win a drawer set.

We don’t know about you, but we are so excited for this! Scroll through the gallery to see all the cuteness!

The 7-Eleven Disney Tsum Tsum drawers are available April 17 to June 25, 2019 at all 7-Eleven stores in Singapore.

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