Let’s be real, when it comes to food for the rainy season, piping hot stews and warm creamy drinks are the bomb. Of course, there’s no harm throwing some ddeokbokki and kimchi into those stews too. Here are our top three places to go for some comfort Korean food.

  1. Masizzim
    When it comes to authentic Korean stews, Masizzim is definitely the first restaurant that pops into our minds. Their beef, pork and chicken stews are slow-cooked for six hours in a special recipe. And the result? A thick and savoury broth that’s served with tender chunks of meat.

    Beef Rib Stew, $18
    While they don’t include instant noodles like many Korean army stews do, the ones at Masizzim come with either udon or glass noodles. We prefer the chewy udon that’s slightly thinner than typical Japanese ones, but opt for glass noodles if you prefer something more conventional.

    Spicy Chicken Stew, $16
    Spicy food lovers will also be glad to know that you can choose from four levels of spiciness for your stew. But warning: level two is enough to induce tears, so stay away from level four if you still want your mascara to last.

  2. Joo Bar
    While they’re best known for their makgeolli, the food at Joo Bar is pretty darn decent too. We particularly rooting for their lunch menu, which contains items that can’t be found in their main repertoire.

    The Baked Mangalitsa Kimchi Rice is heaven for all cheese-lovers. Think baked Kimchi fried rice topped with a variety of creamy and stringy mozzarella, pecorino and parmesan cheeses. After the cheese melts in your mouth, you’ll be glad to chew on the chunks of juicy grilled pork belly that adds a burst of savoury goodness.

    Baked Mangalitsa Kimchi Rice, $16

    For those who prefer something with a more western kick, try the Truffle Mushroom Risotto. Featuring shiitake and king oyster mushrooms, the dish gives a twist to the typical mushroom risottos from other restaurants.

    Truffle Mushroom Risotto, $18

  3. Caffebene
    With a plethora of non-caffeinated lattes to choose from, Caffebene is the number one spot for that cuppa that’ll make you feel like you’re enveloped in a warm hug. We love the creamy sweet potato latte that goes perfectly with their Garlic & Cheese toast. Click here for our full review of Caffebene.

    Garlic & Cheese Toast, $13.90

Images: Masizzim, Joo Bar, CaffeBene
Text: Liu Kai Ying