Cotton candy is probably every kid’s favourite dessert or snack. Apart from the cute pastel colours, the fluffy texture that resembles clouds can make any kid happy.

Sure, we’ve grown up, but that doesn’t mean we don’t crave for the sweet, fluffy treat once in a while. And the great thing is, we no longer have to enjoy it in just one way. These cotton candy-flavoured foods and drinks will make the inner children in us squeal.


The cotton candy isn’t just on the cupcakes, but also in them.

Ice cream

This flavour is defo for those with a sweet tooth, but we gotta say, we feel happy just looking at the colours.

The new flavour from Ben & Jerry’s is only available in mini cups for now, but here’s something that will make you excited: This comes with sprinkles!


Chocolate + cotton candy = OTP.


Every year, Starbucks put this on their menu for a while. And we love it.

Here’s the DIY version.


OMG look at that drink. You look like our next mistake.

Image: Greanggrai Hommalai /