Most of us have a habit of throwing out leftover food from dinner. One of the most common reasons given is, “It’ll taste bad the next day.”

While some food do turn bad pretty quickly, there are those that can last you a few days. So, before you put your leftover into the bin and waste the cook’s effort, consider whether it can last you another day.

Here are eight foods that taste as yummy, if not yummier, on the second day.


Curry uses a lot of spices so leaving it till the second day allows the spices to be absorbed into the gravy, giving it more flavour. This is why Japanese families usually cook a big pot of curry that can last them a few days and freeze it in different containers for different-day consumption.


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The sauce tends to be a bit runny when you first cook it, so storing it overnight allows it time to settle. The best thing is, you can even add more cheese while reheating. Yums!


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Lasagna can get a bit messy when served, but after keeping it for a night and reheating it, it settles nicely, which makes serving a breeze.

Mayo-based salad

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Anything with mayo basically tastes better chilled, so naturally you need to chill mayo-based salads for that oomph. How long? Overnight.


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These are gooood when served hot, but if you allow the fruits to be soaked in the juices overnight before reheating and serving… heavenly.


If you can’t finish the whole box on the first day, don’t throw it out (‘cause pizza should never be wasted). Keep it for the second day and you’ll find that the sauce-and-cheese combo tastes much better after reheating.


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Rendang is often cooked with gravy but if you can’t finish the whole pot, just reheat it till it dries. It’ll taste so good.


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Fried rice usually tastes better with overnight rice that’s stored in the fridge. Using cold rice makes the fried rice chewier. This is super convenient if you wanna have fried rice for breakfast (hey, don’t judge) but don’t really wanna wait that long for the rice to cook.

PS: Don’t keep food for more than three to four days!