If you haven’t been keeping up with the one thing that could possibly unite Singaporeans, Malaysians and Indonesians, it’s the #rendangate.

Where social media sees an opportunity to troll MasterChef, Singapore chefs prove they are not too chicken to take on a challenge.

At least three eateries here have created their own spins on “crispy chicken rendang” after a MasterChef UK judge slammed a Malaysia-born contestant’s chicken rendang for not being crispy.

Mr Gregg Wallace later told British breakfast programme Good Morning Britain that he meant the chicken “wasn’t cooked”.

But Singapore chefs have taken inspiration from the culinary debacle.

ModSin cafe CreatureS shared a photo of its take on the dish on Facebook on Monday (April 9).

The golden chicken dish is served with visibly crispy skin, slathered in rendang sauce, and a side of rice laced photogenically with butterfly pea blue flavouring.

The eatery said the dish would be launched on Wednesday at dinnertime.

Indonesian restaurant Rumah Rasa also shared a photo of its crispy chicken rendang dish on Facebook on Monday.

The dish, served on banana leaf and with slices of cucumber and tomato, is available from Tuesday till the end of the month.

Reservations must be made for the eatery.

Mod-Sin chef Shen Tan, who runs a private dining business, shared a recipe for “crispy skin chicken rendang” on Monday too.

Her version of the dish begins by cooking the chicken sous-vide with a rendang sauce before breading with a flour and rendang spice mix and frying.

Text: Lydia Lam / The Straits Times / April 2018
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