Polishing off an ice cream cone takes skill. If you don’t have your technique down pat, you get a melty mess—or worse yet, a fallen scoop. But you won’t have to worry about the latter if you get your ice cream from Emma, a Japanese soft serve brand that just opened its very first overseas outlet here in Singapore.

Emma PS
The outlet is tiny, but there’s a single long table by the side if you want to dine in.

Located at the basement of Plaza Singapura, the outlet serves Emma’s signature soft serve ice cream that’s so firm, you can literally flip it upside down and it won’t fall off:

upside down soft serve
What is this wizardry??

They even had the genius idea of pairing their ice cream with the bubble tea trend of the moment: brown sugar pearls.

Brown Sugar Soft Serve
Brown Sugar Kinako Bubble Soft, $5.80

But are they all just gimmicks? Before we give you our honest reviews, here’s what’s on offer at Emma.

Highlights from the menu

The Emma Soft Milk is the one that started it all. It features the original soft serve ice cream made of premium Japanese milk served atop a black charcoal cone.

Soft Milk
Emma Soft Milk, $4.80

Top up 50 cents and you get the Emma Soft Milk With Dips where the ice cream comes with a chocolate, strawberry, caramel or matcha shell.

Soft Serve With Dip
Emma Soft Serve Dips, $5.30

And then there’s the Singapore-exclusive Charcoal Cheese in Charcoal Cone, $5.50, an all-black offering that has a similar taste profile as the original soft serve, but with a hint of cheesy flavour.

Charcoal Cheese in Charcoal Cone, $5.50

If you’re all about that bubble tea life, go for the Brown Sugar Bubble Soft, where chewy brown sugar pearls are layered atop Emma’s signature soft serve and then powdered with either matcha or kinako powder.

Brown Sugar Matcha Bubble Soft, $5.80

Last but not least, you have the star of the menu: the Boba Taco Softie. A dance of textures and flavours, it features a swirl of both the original and cheese version of the soft serve (or just the original) perched on a wafer taco, and then drizzled with brown sugar pearls and crushed nuts.

Boba Taco Softie
Boba Taco Softie, $6.80

They all look amazing, but do they actually taste any good? Scroll through the gallery for our reviews:

Keen to try it out for yourself? You can get 15 percent off the Emma Soft Milk, Emma Charcoal Cheese Cone and Brown Sugar Kinako Bubble Soft if you pre-order on Klook.

And get this: if your name is “Emma”, you get 50 percent off for the entire month of July 2019! All you’ve got to do is show your IC or business card to prove you’re legit (limited to one per customer). How cool is that?