The craze for truffle fries is not over. We know because we’re one of those who go ga-ga over the mere mention of the appetiser. But we’ve recently found something even better – truffle pizza.

It’s like the perfect marriage of two perfect things: truffle fries and pizza. It can’t get closer to perfection, really.

Called Tartufina ($24), this amazing this is served in Ciao@, an Italian bar cum restaurant at Haji Lane. What’s interesting about this restaurant is that it has two entrances: one leads to the bar, and the other leads to the restaurant. But both sections are connected – think of it as two halves.

If you’re not much of a drinker, head straight to the restaurant (it doesn’t matter which entrance you take), which allows you to enjoy authentic Italian food (the chef is from Italy!) at a reasonable price.

Apart from the mouth-watering Tartufina, these dishes are also must-tries.

Fritto Del Piceno, $16

Don’t underestimate these balls based on their appearance. One bite is all it takes for you to fall in love. One platter serves up a mix of cheese and vegetables, and also chef’s surprise.

Calamari, $18

Even if you’re not a big fan of calamari, we recommend giving this a go (unless you’re allergic, of course). Pan-fried with cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and olive taggiasches, the calamari is soft and chewy, which means you don’t have to chew till your jaw hurts.

4 Stagioni, $20

The 4 Stagioni allows you to experience four seasons on a pizza: mushrooms represent spring, ham represents summer, black olives represent fall and artichoke represents winter. The result? A delightful YUM.

Pizzawich, $15

If you can’t decide between a sandwich and a pizza, have the best of both worlds with the pizzawich. There’s an array of fillings to choose from, so take your pick.

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Pork Knuckle In Beer Sauce, $38

Served with mashed potato and white cabbage, this one’s pretty interesting because it’s not every day that you see pork knuckles being served in an Italian restaurant. But this is unlike the zhu jiao jiang (pork knuckles in ginger stew) you often see in Chinese eateries. It’s tender, flavourful and best of all, humongous. Don’t think about finishing it alone unless you’ve got the appetite of a growing teenage boy. PS: You gotta cut it yourself, but it only serves to enhance your dining experience.

Ravoli Di Ricotto, $22

This looks like any typical ravioli, but after trying this, you probably won’t opt for non-authentic ones. Cooked to perfection, you can almost taste the Italian-ness in this. No kidding.

Tiramisu, $12

What differentiates this tiramisu from others in the market is that there’s no overwhelming coffee taste – possibly due to the absence of ladyfingers – making it a safe choice for those who don’t enjoy drinking coffee. It’s more cheesy than coffee-like, and the cream is beaten into a divine fluffiness, making it melt in your mouth. Just thinking about this makes us drool.