It’s been weeks since the New York burger chain Shake Shack opened in Jewel Changi Airport, yet the peak time queues are as long as ever. In fact, expect to wait at least an hour to get a taste of their famous burgers.

While hype definitely figures into the still-snaking queues, you can’t deny the main reason behind Shake Shack’s popularity here and the world over: their burgers are legit.

Pretty much everything on the menu is ace, but the real MVP is the signature Shack Burger, $9.20, Shake Shack’s take on the classic cheeseburger:

shake shack

Featuring a juicy US Angus beef patty, melted American cheese, lettuce, tomato and tangy Shack Sauce sandwiched between fluffy potato buns, it’s the gold standard as far as burger’s go.

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We’ve got killer burgers, too

But that doesn’t mean you need to head all the way to Jewel Changi Airport and brave a crazy queue to get your fix of quality burgers. Here are five homegrown burger joints that can hold their own in a taste-off with the almighty Shake Shack.