We don’t know about you, but our social media feed has been filled with recipes nowadays. In fact, every week, a different recipe has trended, whether it’s the Dalgona drinks, ‘Angelic Smoothies’, or mug cakes—there’s always something new to try and experiment with. 

One of the newest trends is what most TikTok users dub as “Pancake Cereal”. Yes, Pancake Cereal. 

It’s basically a bunch of small little mini pancakes that you can put in a bowl and eat it the way you’d eat cereal. And since it looks and sounds weird, and I’m not one to back down from a challenge, I just had to test it out for myself to see if this “Pancake Cereal” is worth the hype. 

Making The Batter

Making The Batter

On all the TikTok videos I saw, there was never any specified recipe for the pancake batter, so I decided to make the regular pancake recipe I use. If you’re making the “Pancake Cereal” for yourself, you could probably use any pancake recipe that you usually use—just make sure that the batter is not too thick or you won’t be able to dispense it from the bag. 

Here’s a tip: if you don’t have a piping bag, use a Ziploc bag instead! And when pouring the batter into the bag, place the Ziploc bag in a cup for an easy, no-mess pour. 

So, as you could probably tell, making the batter is a no-brainer, and relatively easy (depending on the recipe you intend to use). But now comes the hard part: actually making the ‘cereal’. 

Making The Pancake Cereal

Making The Pancake Cereal

How you create the little pancakes is, first, you cut out the corner of the Ziploc bag. In this way, it acts as a piping bag and you can pipe little round shapes on your pan.

This was not tough to do, but it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. Each small pancake cooks really fast, so when making this ‘cereal’ you’re gonna have to move your hands as fast as possible so they don’t get burnt.

Besides that, it took a long time for me to make one batch—equivalent to one serving. I stood in the kitchen for a good 30 minutes, just constantly piping down batter onto the pan.

And then there was the issue of flipping the pancakes. The little circles are SO small that flipping each of them is nearly impossible—which is why I eventually gave up on flipping the pancakes, but hey, they all turned out fine and fully cooked.

So, with all these issues, is making the “Pancake Cereal” really worth it?

Final Product + Verdict

Final Product + Verdict

My straight-forward answer would be no. Why? Unless you’re a big fan of pancakes or the pancake batter recipe you’re using is phenomenal, the taste of this ‘Pancake Cereal’ is nothing ~amazing~. 

It tastes like what you’d expect—tiny, little pieces of pancake, drizzled in syrup. The slightly crispy texture of the ‘Pancake Cereal’ was nice, but it wasn’t anything special that’ll make me want to do it again, not when I have to stand at the stove and pipe for 30 minutes straight.

Plus, the taste of this ‘cereal’ gets a bit jelak (cloying) after a while, especially if you’re pouring syrup on top of it. So, if you’re someone who does not particularly enjoy super sweet desserts, you might want to give this a hard pass.

However, if you do like pancakes or you’re bored and want to try out a new recipe, give this “Pancake Cereal” a go. It’s simple, easy to make, and if you’re doing it with a partner, it may be a fun experience. But just try not to have high expectations because, spoiler alert: it just tastes like pancakes. 

Overall Verdict: 6.5/10

Images: Sally Manik