Having a bad day? Need a break from life? Then this post might be exactly what you need.

We never thought watching loaves of bread rise could be so therapeutic, but that’s exactly what this video does. We think it’s a bit like meditating, but a word of caution: You will end up with a craving for bread.

The video was originally from a Korean documentary, Food Odyssey, which takes viewers around the globe to learn about food and culture in various countries.

While we do enjoy gaining more knowledge about other cultures, we also like to drool over good food – which will happen as you watch this video.

There’s no point to this video, really, but it will make you salivate, and then wanna eat bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We assure you, you won’t regret spending one minute of your life watching this video – unless you hate bread, that is.

당장 빵집으로 달려갈 영상빵덕후들 기절할 영상

Posted by 대구맛집털기 on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Image: eyewave / 123RF.com