Good news for our Muslim friends! As of 1 June, all 26 outlets under The Soup Spoon have been halal-certified. This means that more Singaporeans can now enjoy piping hot, healthy soups on the go. The halal-certification includes The Soup Spoon Union as well, which incorporates three other stores. Namely The Grill Knife, The Handburger and The Salad Fork, so there are plenty more options for those who are craving a bowl of soup after work, or want some salad as a snack.

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The popular soup restaurant has been around for more than 15 years, and achieved the certification by replicating their signature soup bases with halal ingredients. Regardless of the changes to the recipes, each bowl of soup is still prepared with wholesome ingredients and made entirely from scratch.

Curious as to the menu items that the chain is offering? We’re intrigued by their SouperChef Specials, which are available in-store from June 4th to July 1st. The special menu features sustainable, meat-free offerings like the Quorn Singapore products that are included in the soups. This ensures that diners can enjoy the benefits of a guilt-free, sustainable meal while consuming a healthy source of protein!