Barbecues are awesome. What’s not to love about grilled meats, right? But you’ve got to admit, the smoky smell that lingers in your clothes and hair afterwards can be a turn-off, and if you’re doing it yourself at home, the clean-up can be such a hassle.

Which is why when I saw that Philips recently released a Smoke-less Indoor Grill, I just had to try it out for myself.

Here’s how this electric grill works: It uses infrared heat, and the heat sources are along the sides of the grill, so when the fat drips down, it doesn’t sizzle on direct heat, resulting in even more smoke. The grill is also designed to minimise splattering, and comes with special heat reflectors to ensure even cooking.

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The main selling point of the Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill is that well, you can barbecue your food indoors. And I thought, hey, what better way to test this by discreetly grilling food at my boss’s cubicle and see if it stinks up her entire workspace or – God forbid – sets off the building’s fire alarm?

This is how my lao ban’s cubicle looks like.
On the grill: Chicken sausages, pineapples, zucchinis and bell peppers.

The reason why I went with chicken sausages was because I saw chicken chops being grilled on this appliance before, and while it didn’t produce much smoke, there was still the unmistakable smell of grilled food lingering in the air – but that said, it’s not as bad as say, if you went and had a meal at a K-BBQ restaurant.

Firing up the grill.

Of course my boss noticed it when I lugged the grill into her cubicle, but the whole setting up process didn’t distract her from her work. Firing up the grill is easy enough, just plug it in and flip the switch, then wait for it to heat up. I started the grilling process within five minutes of turning it on.


Meanwhile, the rest of the office remained oblivious to what I was doing. There was some sizzling when I flipped the food, especially for the pineapples, but it wasn’t loud enough to raise the suspicions of my co-workers. The die-cast grid is non-stick, so I suppose it also helps that I didn’t have to brush the food with grease.

Everything was done within half an hour, and the clean-up was pretty easy as well. I (or rather, CLEO’s intern) just had to detach the grid and the grease tray at the bottom and wash them. Those two parts are also dishwasher-proof. For the rest of the appliance, a wipe-down with some paper towels is good enough, since there weren’t any grease splatters to clean up. As for my editor’s cubicle? No grease stains or that post-BBQ stink – if I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t even know that I was in there less than an hour ago, channeling my inner Ms Yeah.

Sausage party time.

If you love grilling steaks or having friends over for barbecues, this is a pretty good investment because it means that your BBQ plans will never be disrupted by bad weather again, plus your mom won’t bite your head off for smoking up the whole house.

I would say that was a pretty satisfactory test run of the Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill. The smoke alarms didn’t go off, my editor’s cubicle remained as spotless as it was before, my colleagues had some delicious barbecued food, our office manager didn’t catch me doing this and I still have a job. #blessup

The Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill is available now at $499 on the Philips Online store as well as from selected electronic stores, major departmental stores and authorised dealers.