If you’re familiar with Korean culture, you would know that Korean students often bring lunchboxes to school. Unlike our Styrofoam boxes, theirs come in metal tins and contain rice, egg and side dishes. The way they eat it is pretty unique too – they shake it to mix all the ingredients before opening the box to enjoy their meal.

Of course, ain’t nobody got time to actually cook three side dishes to put in a lunchbox, especially when you can spend the time catching up on sleep. The good news is, you can enjoy the Korean lunchbox right here in Singapore – and it’s healthier too!

Dosirak offers a variety of such lunchboxes, albeit packed in a paper tub. The principle is the same as the Korean version – just shake it before eating.

The difference? You get to choose your base: white rice; brown rice; cold noodles; tofu; red cabbage or cauliflower rice. YUMS.

They also offer an array of toppings to choose from, from beef bulgogi to cured salmon and kimchi tofu, so you have enough protein to keep you going during the day. And if you’re a fan of veggies, they’ve got you covered with beansprouts, red cabbage, kimchi, beans or leafy vegetables, depending on what you select.

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Now here comes the interesting part: we like to think of it something similar to bibimbap because it comes with a similar gochujang-based sauce. The sauce is a little spicy for those who can’t handle any form of hotness (apart from hot guys *ahem*), but fret not, for they put it in a separate container so you can decide how much to put. So all you gotta do is pour it into the tub and start shaking. We suggest doing this as a group because it’s more fun that way.

Scroll the gallery to see some of the flavours they have to offer!

Images: Dosirak