You’ve heard of dining in the dark, but how about dining in the buff? Come July 29, Japan would be opening the doors to The Amrita, Tokyo’s very first pop-up naked restaurant.

Say what…?

Well, this concept is not unheard of. There’s The Bunyadi in London, which opened earlier this month, that encourages diners to go au naturel – but you can choose to keep a bathrobe on if you’re not feeling the nudist lifestyle.

But what has caught our attention is not the concept of having dinner while naked but rather, the strict rules that are in place for this nude restaurant in particular. First, customers will have to wear “paper underpants” to keep their privates, well, private. Which, frankly, beats the purpose of a naked restaurant in the first place but I guess the Japanese take their hygiene very seriously.

The Amrita has also stated that it will deny entry to people who:

  1. Have tattoos
  2. Are not within the 18 – 60 year-old age range
  3. Are 15kg over the “average body weight”

As for how they’re going to impose point number three, apparently diners who look like they might be exceeding the “average body weight” for their height will be weighed immediately at the door. And if the numbers on the scale are not to the restaurant’s requirements? Access denied, with no refunds on reservations (you have to pay for your meal in advance).

Erm, what’s with this body shaming? We’re not so sure about this one, but the other nude dining concepts were all fundamentally based on body positivity and allowing their patrons to enter a safe space where they can be free from societal norms.

And with the tab ranging from approximately SGD150 to SGD1021 per person, we’re not sure if we wanna risk getting turned away at the door with no refunds.

Image: Guryanov

Text: Sophie Hong